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What if I told you...

A credit score of 'Excellent' can save you tens of thousands of pounds over the course of your life.

Money you could save on select credit products with an 'Excellent' credit score


Our Mission


We're on a mission to enhance the credit scores of our members - we want you to have access to the best rates and deals for your credit needs.


Your credit history is your financial blueprint. It influences your financial choices and your ability to access credit at reasonable rates. Bad credit is not something you have to live with, we're here to help! No matter how many financial problems you've had in the past, there are always ways to improve your score. We are here to help you with this.

Join CRS if you want to improve your credit score. We do not require credit checks or proof of income when you apply.

Our Purpose


Improve your credit score

CRS specialises in assisting clients with low credit scores.

More likely to be accepted

We have fewer application requirements for CRS because it is intended for people with poor credit. As a result, you have a better chance of being accepted.

You are protected

We are regulated by the FCA under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974


CRS is for Everybody! However...

Like any other credit product, a credit score improvement programme like CRS contains risk and may not be the best option for you. If you do not pay your CRS membership fees on time or repay any credit we extend to you on time, CRS can harm rather than help your credit score.

Even if you do make all your repayments on time, there are plenty of circumstances in which a Bits account simply won't be worth your while. Here's a (non-exhaustive) list of such scenarios:

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In the previous 12 months, you received a CCJ ?

In the previous 12 months, you had an IVA?

In the last 12 months, you declared bankruptcy, debt relief, or other equivalent arrangements.

You can't afford to keep CRS for at least two years.

You have unpaid bills.



We exist to make bad credit a thing of the past - we want our members to benefit from the best credit deals on the market.


CRS is for people who have bad credit or little to no credit history and want to improve their situation. Your credit score is a summary of your financial history used by lenders to determine whether you are trustworthy enough to be granted credit.


No credit history

Because they have no credit history, some people who apply for loans, credit cards, and other things that require creditworthiness may be denied or miss out on better deals. Students and young people, as well as people who have recently moved to the UK, are frequently affected.

Bad credit history

People who have previously struggled with financial commitments such as bills, as well as those who have a county court judgement (CCJ) or have previously gone bankrupt, are also candidates for CRS to help. Responsible use of a CRS can show lenders that you're in control of your finances, lowering your risk.

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