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Can I crack open my savings any time?

Technically, yes. When you break open your piggy bank, you get back the amount you’ve paid so far. Anything you haven’t paid back is used to settle the outstanding loan, so you can unlock whenever and never be left in debt. But if you haven’t made enough regular payments, unlocking early could harm your credit history.

How do I close my CRS account (unlock)?

You can leave CRS any time. Just log in to My CRS, look for the ‘Unlock’ link at the bottom and follow the instructions from there. If you haven’t made any payments yet, your CRS will be closed down and there’s nothing more for you to do. If you have made payments, you’ll be asked to open a new account to pay your CRS savings into. Choose from a list of options and follow the link to set up your account, then return to My CRS and enter the new sort code and account number. We’ll match these with the partner bank and transfer all your CRS savings. (If we can’t match the details you provide, your unlock will be considerably delayed.)

Why have I had an email saying my Direct Debit has been cancelled?

This email is automatically triggered when you unlock your CRS, whether that’s at the end of your 12-month term, or if you quit CRS and unlock earlier. You’ll also get this email if you’ve cancelled your own Direct Debit in order to set up a new one from a different account. If you’ve cancelled your own Direct Debit thinking it’ll cancel your CRS, it won’t. In order to quit CRS and avoid missing your next payment, you’ll need to log in and unlock.

I’ve unlocked. Why isn’t my last payment showing?

It usually takes three working days from when a payment is taken from your account to when it shows in your CRS If you unlock while your last payment is still processing, it will be returned separately to the account it was taken from. Please allow up to four working days to receive this back as we have to wait for the payment to complete to us before we can return it.