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All You Need To Know

  • Is it possible that using CRS may hurt my credit score?
    The CRS credit builder is set up to work over the course of 12 months. If you complete all 12 steps, your credit score should improve. If you stop using CRS too soon, you won't get the full effect. Especially if you leave inside the first few months. Most CRS users will observe a drop in their credit score at first, until it improves. It's known as the 'Credit Tick,' and it's quite normal. However, if you leave CRS in the middle of the Credit Tick, you may end up with a poorer credit score than when you started. If you don't make a CRS payment, we'll have to report it to the credit reporting agencies, which will hurt your credit score.
  • How much money could I save if my credit score improved?
    Increasing your credit score can save you thousands of dollars in interest on things like credit cards, loans, and mortgages. To give you a sense of how much different increases could save you on average, look below. Person 1 Person 2 Credit Score: 572 Credit Score: 955 Interest Rate: 26.82% Interest Rate: 6.21% Total Payments Total Payments Made: £34,060 Made: £23,111 Person 2 saves £10,000 or more on the same care.
  • How much will CRS help me improve my credit score?
    We can't offer you an exact amount because there are too many affecting factors outside of CRS. We've been doing this long enough to be confident in your ability to improve your credit score. Also, keep in mind that lenders don't make judgments based on your credit score; instead, they look at your credit history. You should be more creditworthy in their perspective if you make your CRS payments on time each month.
  • How much will CRS help me improve my credit score?
    We can't offer you an exact amount because there are too many affecting factors outside of CRS. We've been doing this long enough to be confident in your ability to improve your credit score. Also, keep in mind that lenders don't make judgments based on your credit score; instead, they look at your credit history. You should be more creditworthy in their perspective if you make your CRS payments on time each month.
  • Which credit reference agencies (CRAs) does CRS report to?
    Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion (previously Callcredit) are the three major credit reporting agencies to which we provide our information.
  • When can I expect my credit score to improve?
    After around four payments, most CRS clients see a significant improvement in their credit report, with consistent increase as they make all 12 monthly payments. It will take some time, but the savings on credit cards, loans, and mortgages will be well worth it. Keep in mind that your credit history will be influenced by variables other than CRS. To help you manage this, read our CRS Learn emails on a regular basis.
  • Does it make a difference how much I pay each month?
    Does the amount I pay each month make a difference? Yes, but the most important thing is that you don't spend more money than you can afford. Your credit history will be affected by how much you chose to pay each month. Future lenders will evaluate your creditworthiness based on how successfully you've managed credit in the past, and demonstrating that you can manage £20 a month is considerably different from demonstrating that you can manage £200 a month. But keep in mind that any amount you pay will make a difference. The most important thing is not to overextend yourself, as missing a payment will negatively impact your credit history. Make sure to set a monthly budget that you can stick to — even if things go wrong.
  • What should I do if my credit report has inaccuracies?
    Please inform us via the contact us form in My CRS if you believe anything about your CRS is incorrect.
  • How do I make CRS payments?
    Your Debit Card information is submitted when you set up your CRS. This means that on the morning of the due date, we can charge your debit card data for each monthly instalment. A Continuous Payment Authority, or CPA, is used to do this. If we are unable to collect your payment, we will notify you by email, and you will need to manually resubmit it using your CRS account. For us to be able to accomplish this, make sure your card is up to current on your CRS account.
  • On my chosen payment date, what time do you accept payment?"
    We attempt to complete all payments by 4 p.m. on the payment date you specify.
  • Is it possible to adjust the date of my first payment?
    Sorry. Your first payment date is fixed after you've set up a CRS account, and you can't change it.
  • What is the procedure for changing the card I use to pay into my CRS?
    Simply log in to My CRS, navigate to the ‘Personal details' area, and select ‘Update my card.' Then, to set up your new card, simply follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Is it possible to pay weekly or every four weeks instead of monthly?
    Nope. Each month, we must collect your money on the same day. When you sign up for CRS.
  • How can I make a late or missed payment?
    If you pay for CRS with a credit card, we will only try to collect the payment once. If you forget to make a payment, simply log into your CRS members' area and request that we collect it again by selecting "Pay now."
  • Is my rent safe?
    CRS do not collect your rent, and the safety of your data is of the utmost importance to us
  • How will my rent payments be verified?
  • How much will my Credit Score increase?
    We cannot guarantee a specific score improvement or a specific time-frame because everyone’s credit situation is different & unique. Sometimes other credit and factors will impact the credit profile, so it’s important to maintain timely payments on other credit trade lines while we are reporting your rent.
  • Will my Rental Payments be reported to all three Bureaus?
    No. Experian does not currently participate in Rent Reporting. The good news is that Trans Union and Equifax will report your rental payments as a Teir-1 Trade Line.
  • What happens if I pay my rent payment late?
    All credit including rent payments are only considered late by the credit reporting agencies (CRA) if the payment is received more than 30-days past the due date. As long as you pay your rent within 30-days of your due date, it will be counted as an "on time" payment on your credit report. Remember to pay all your bills (including rent) on time, it’s very important!
  • How will my rental Trade Line appear on my Credit Report?
    It will show as an "open rental agreement" account on your credit report and will show as CRS MGMT
  • Renting with a partner?
    1. Joint account - The rent is paid from your joint account in a single payment to the landlord/agent. Here you both sign up for separate CreditLadder accounts. On your applications, each set your rent share equal to the total rent and both connect your joint account. We will then report for you both individually for the full rent amount. Please note if using Starling Bank only one of you can register, set the rent share equal to the total rent and benefit. 2. One tenant pays the rent - One of you pays all of the rent from your own bank The person paying the rent to the landlord/agent must be named on the tenancy. Only they would sign up and on their application, they would set their rent share equal to the total rent. They would obtain the benefit as they are managing the rental funds. This remains the case even if the second tenant transfer money towards the rent to the lead tenant. 3. You both pay separately - You each pay separate rent shares to the landlord/agent. Both of you sign up separately for your own CreditLadder accounts, connecting your respective individual bank accounts on sign up. You input the rent share that relates to what you pay from your own bank. Ensuring that between you the two rent shares when added together equal the total rent.
  • Will I need to provide a lease or rental agreement?
    Yes, the credit bureaus do require a document between you & your landlord. This will establish the date, the rental payments started, the frequency of payments, & amount due. We find that most tenant/landlord relationships already have a written agreement. However, if you do not have a copy of this lease, you need to contact your landlord & establish one before we can report your rental payments.
  • Can I crack open my savings any time?
    Technically, yes. When you break open your piggy bank, you get back the amount you’ve paid so far. Anything you haven’t paid back is used to settle the outstanding loan, so you can unlock whenever and never be left in debt. But if you haven’t made enough regular payments, unlocking early could harm your credit history.
  • How do I close my CRS account?
    You can leave CRS any time. Just log in to My CRS, look for the ‘Unlock’ link at the bottom and follow the instructions from there. If you haven’t made any payments yet, your CRS will be closed down and there’s nothing more for you to do. If you have made payments, you’ll be asked to open a new account to pay your CRS savings into. Choose from a list of options and follow the link to set up your account, then return to My CRS and enter the new sort code and account number. We’ll match these with the partner bank and transfer all your CRS savings.
  • Why have I had an email saying my Direct Debit has been cancelled?
    This email is automatically triggered when you unlock your CRS, whether that’s at the end of your 12-month term, or if you quit CRS and unlock earlier. You’ll also get this email if you’ve cancelled your own Direct Debit in order to set up a new one from a different account. If you’ve cancelled your own Direct Debit thinking it’ll cancel your CRS, it won’t. In order to quit CRS and avoid missing your next payment, you’ll need to log in and unlock.
  • I’ve unlocked. Why isn’t my last payment showing?
    It usually takes three working days from when a payment is taken from your account to when it shows in your CRS If you unlock while your last payment is still processing, it will be returned separately to the account it was taken from. Please allow up to four working days to receive this back as we have to wait for the payment to complete to us before we can return it.
  • How does this help my tenant?
    A higher credit score provides your tenant with better financial opportunities. That means lower interest rates, eligibility for the best cell phone plans, and more.
  • How does this help me?
    RentReporters’ tenants are motivated tenants. Knowing that paying their rent on time will have a positive impact on their credit report will reduce the likelihood of late payments.
  • How do you verify my tenant’s rent?
    For residents signing up through our website, we verify the lease details and payment history through a short phone call. For tenants paying their rent via ACH, it doesn’t get much easier. Once their initial history is verified, we can verify their payments directly through their bank. Should you wish to report a group of tenants each month, a simple email with the rent-roll for the month that includes date payment received is all it takes.
  • Revenue Stream
    Option 1: Offer your cost to your tenants - Give them a discount over our retail rates. Option 2: Pass our retail rates on to your tenants - Create your own revenue stream. Option 3: Enjoy an affiliate relationship with us - Have your tenants enroll at at our retail rates, and earn a 20% commission.
  • Benefits
    Improve tenants' credit scores. Better Tenant Retention. Minimal work is required by you as a landlord. Enrolling and updating tenants is made easy! We have direct API connections with Property Management Software and an amazing Landlord Portal Credit rent boost’s service is cost-effective for recovering monies due from both existing tenants and tenants who have left without proper payment. Tenants who do not pay on time are negatively impacted. Their ability to obtain additional credit is reduced until their credit report is cleared of the negative results posted by the credit bureaus Many of our landlords are using our service to create a new profit center for their communities.
  • What is RentReporters?
    RentReporters is a service for credit-minded renters who want their on-time rent payments reported to the credit bureaus to boost their credit score.
  • How do I contact you?
    Call us at (626) 737-6100 come chat with us, or email us at
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