Making Rent Count

Unlike homeowners, renters historically have not gotten ‘credit’ on their credit reports for making their monthly housing payments, CRS is changing that.


At CRS, we report your rent payments and improve your credit position with the three big UK Credit Reference Agencies.


What are the benefits of reporting your rent?


By reporting your rent you can improve your Experian credit position and your Equifax and TransUnion credit scores, thus increasing the likelihood of being approved for products such as a mortgage, car finance, bank loan or a credit card. People with a high credit score can also save money as they are able to access better products with lower rates

What is rent reporting?

Let your rent payments improve your credit score.

CRS reports rent payments to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

Keep paying rent as you do today. CRS securely reads the rent payment from your bank and lets the credit agencies know.

See the results for yourself on credit monitoring services like ClearScore, TotallyMoney, Credit Karma, or your bank.

How do you benefit?

We’ll help you create an online history of your rental payments. It’ll prove to companies that you’re a reliable potential customer by proving who you are and where you live.

Having additional information on your credit file can make it quicker and easier to:

  • Open a new bank account

  • Get a new credit card

  • Have a loan application approved

  • Shop online

  • Arrange a better utilities tariff, or qualify to pay for gas/electricity via a non-prepay tariff

  • Receive better mobile phone rates

  • Apply for a mortgage